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Musical Nutrition

The cells in our body carry nutrition to each of our organs. Our cells respond instantly to sound and light. Sound and light have been used in top medical facilities throughout the world.
Musical Nutrition is feeding the cells of our bodies by allowing sound frequencies to be played through various existing sound producing technologies.

We use a highly advanced computer program to generate the frequency protocols. They work if they are embedded in beautiful vibroacoustic musical compositions or frequencies can be just plain and pure tones. We also record them in the Dolphin DVDs or different beautiful slide shows.

Because plain and pure tones are not pleasant to hear by themselves, I prefer placing a metal speaker on the body; best if on the skin. Any delivery system has been shown to have amazing results.

It doesn’t matter how you watch a video. It can be played softly in the background on your TV, home entertainment center, tablet or Smartphone. Of course the best way is on a sound pad or specially enhanced home theater recliner with vibrating speakers. Whatever delivery system is used, the frequencies will help whether it is specifically made for acute pain, infection or any of the other many challenging health issues we all seem to experience.

My respect for the healing power of self administered sound therapy grows daily as reports arrive from all over the world. The best part is it doesn’t get easier; just Press Play and your done.

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