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My Journey through Sound

My first introduction to how sound could heal the body, as opposed to my absolute love of music and the fact that I am always singing, was in 2004. I was teaching a class on tapping for the emotions (AKA) Emotional Freedom Techniques and I developed a severe pain in my lower back. I went to a trusted website that had tapping sequences for very specific ailments. .

This led to the discovery that Dr. Ebert used sound “to tap” instead of the actual 30 minutes needed to complete a tapping sequence. His lecture on this is available in the educational section of this site. Shortly after using the new technique to relieve my pain, I took my first class in tuning forks. Personal experience is the Best Teacher. Instead of tapping, I began using tuning forks on the spots that I used for tapping in the Emotional Freedom Techniques protocol.

On researching the value of sound vibrations on the internet, I discovered sound beds , that used low vibrations and binaural beats. I was thrilled that I could just put a client on a sound bed and press play and the sound would work its magic. A simple portable speaker case and an MP3, or iPod, can be used to deliver these frequencies. The vibrations sustained from the metal on the speaker case creates a “battery run” tuning fork. This was just getting better and better.

My research led me to find sound generators that had frequency programs that could affect everything from warts to shingles or infections. No one was embedding these vibrations in music. I hired a musician and opened my own studio. I added Dolphin and Whale footage to the compositions which greatly enhanced the experience of Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy.

The light produced on the screens from the videos was an additional powerful source of transmitting change to the body, so I developed videos using the dolphins and whales, sacred geometry, artwork and beautiful images.

We created these products with the partnership and mentorship of some of the most amazing masters in the field. In less than two years, beginning with newborn sound prescriptions with Dr. Suzanne Jonas, I set up 12 Dolphin Sound Lounges. They are in Addiction campuses, Unity Church, Healing Centers, State facilities and in the homes of some of the most famous celebrities in Las Vegas.  Some even have court ordered attendance. Today we continue to focus on custom products and requests.  It is my joy to help create a healthy sound environment in every home with the products as well as shortened hospital stays and relief of emotional and physical ailments as well as creating a higher vibration of this earth.  As for myself, I have created heaven on earth in the process.

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