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A Note from Regina Murphy on Musical Nutrition

How do We Produce our Frequency Program Product?

  • How to decide which pure tones to embed. When a specific issue is determined, we research our list and other lists for tried and true protocols. Once we determine the best and most researched protocols, we either make the program alone for emailing or a physical CD for mailing. To learn more about the pure tones, click here for
  • Embedding the tones into a Vibroacoustic composition. First we choose the frequency program from the Bztronics Sound frequency generator program. Then, based on the length and sounds of the protocol, we choose the best vibroacoustic composition to make sure there are no discordant harmonics or frequencies that cancel each other out.
  • Adding it to a Video. Once the audio is complete, we decide if a slideshow or a Dolphin and Whale video is more appropriate. Then we choose from existing video or we custom make a slide show using the photos of your choice such as wedding photos, family photos, wild animals, and stuffed animals.
  • Vibroacoustic Musical Compositions. We have seven original compositions. After we set the intention before it was composed, we added the low tones needed to vibrate through a subwoofer or sound lounge. We complete the composition by adding any frequency, binaural or protocol you choose. We can add a guided session, positive phrases or prayers.

What is the difference in DVD’s/CD’s and just CD’s with Pure Tones?

  • Our inventory list begins with DVD’s and matching CD’s (#1 thru #39) and then programs with two CD pure tones. (#40 and #41). When playing the pure tones the only thing you will hear are frequencies that are working on the specific issues.
    They both seem to be very effective based on the comments and personal experience, but in an effort to get as many frequencies available to you and the easy way it is for you to apply them we are currently only focusing our efforts on the pure frequency programs.
  • Custom projects available at

How many DVD’s and CD’s are available to choose from?

  • There are a total of 39 DVD’s and CD’s. There are an additional 2 Audio only CD’s with Pure Tones available.

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