Musical Nutrition

A Note from Regina Murphy about Musical Nutrition

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was a brilliant scientist who discovered that specific frequencies could destroy bacteria, viruses, fungus and inflammation.  His microscopes were so advanced he could watch this under the microscope as it was happening. I can only imagine his joy.
He was, of course, discredited by the government because the frequencies could heal illnesses and could kill the cells causing the illness.  The government destroyed all of this data, microscopes and research records they found in his laboratories. Luckily all of his records were not in his laboratory and were not destroyed.

Today we can reproduce these frequencies in computer programs. The one we use is The beauty is that once you reproduce theses frequencies, they can be used, reused, shared and given to our families. When we began this project we were unaware that we could do this. Only after we composed the music for its vibroacoustic benefits did we realize adding the frequency programs to the music would be so easy and effective.

When the DVD is played whether it is on a TV or other type of equipment, we realized the effect of the light as it enters the eye has an instant effect on the brain and auric field. The aura is the electromagnetic field surrounding the body. The aura is to the nervous system what the blood stream is to the organs of our body. The combination is effectively an “Environmental Tranquilizer”. All cells respond to their environment!

I know I was inspired to complete this project even though I only have limited evidence and a few medical tests to support its value. I am sure that further studies will better define its effectiveness. Nothing works 100% of the time on everyone because we are all unique just as there are many unique causes of illness. Much can be healed with the free programs with intention. There is so much love infused with this project, and it is with that love I send it out to the world.

Enjoy! Share! Heal! Grow! Love!

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