Testimonials – Using Sound Frequencies to Heal

These are  some of the amazing testimonials on how people are using sound frequencies to heal the body.

The results of the Autism DVD have been astounding.
“After only two weeks the entire dynamics between my autistic son’s changes. Prior to playing the DVD my children never played with each other.  Now my older son is watching out for my younger son and they play together.  The house is so peaceful when I play the DVD.” ~ Mother in England


Here’s another mother who is using the Autism DVD, she emailed a photo of her child, who loves when the DVD is played, he hugs the speaker the entire time.  This is only the 2nd day, but there is a great deal of hope for a positive change.


I am familiar with the vibroacoustic therapy, as Regina is my wife, so you may find this result exaggerated or even hard to believe; but it is true.

I began feeling very sick and in pain on February 2nd 2013. I thought it was a kidney stone because of the intense pain. I took an antibiotic for kidney infection beginning on Wednesday February 7th. I also began taking pain pills to relieve the discomfort, however they were ineffective. By Saturday morning February 9th, I ended up in the emergency room for Acute Urinary Retention. (inability to urinate) I was sent home with a catheter, additional antibiotics and additional pain medication and was told to see an Urologist ASAP.

The Urologist’s nurse told me there was a chance I would have the catheter for an extended period of time. The doctor prescribed a third antibiotic, more pain medication. I was to return a week later. My pain was intense and the swelling of my testicles made it hard to sit down without sharp shooting pain. My primary doctor scheduled many scans and other tests but left on a long trip returning after the middle of March.

On February 16th, I was still so sick and in excruciating pain, my wife Regina took it upon herself to treat the pain with her vibroacoustic DVDs. She took a mini DVD player and put in the DVD for acute pain. She placed a small metal speaker on my lap down in the groin area; the area most affected by swelling and pain. By the time I went to bed 60% of the pain and all of the swelling on testicle swelling was gone. In the morning she did this again with the DVD with 727Hz embedded into the Ave Maria for 30 minutes. All of my pain was gone and there was no need what so ever to take another pain pill. She then started putting pure frequencies for “Enlarged Prostate” on my lap in the hopes that the catheter could come out.

Sure enough, that Monday it came out. I continued to feel OK until the Antibiotics were finished and then I felt sick again and the pain and swelling returned and the urine flow slowed. Regina filled the antibiotic again right away and then found the frequencies on her own website for “Inflammation from Kidney to Bladder” and “General Infection”.  She realized that the antibiotics had not killed all of the bacteria causing all the problems. They were helping but not quite doing the job. She put the frequencies for infection and inflammation on my lap and in a very short time I could feel heat in the area. The next morning, I woke up very early for me and felt no pain, inflammation was gone and my energy level was through the roof. I continued with both for four day and then stopped the frequencies, but continued the antibiotics. Within one day, I began to slip again. And we restarted the frequencies. Again, the next morning I felt better than I had in years.  The antibiotics and frequencies continued until the prescription ran out on March 18th.

Since then I have continued the treatments with the DVDs each night while watching TV. As of March 21st, my bodily function is fine and I have had no pain.  ~~ David

I started to play the “Repiratory Relief DVD” when I read on FB that is was curing the flu. I played it 3 times a day without fail for a week.

I had an appointment with the Lung Doctor and to my surprise my lung function improved from 45 to 58.

This is not considered possible by the average medical doctor. ~~ David

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Lung Test Before
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Lung Test After

I was urinary retention with an infection and enlarged prostate.  All of our trusted medical friends and professionals agreed that medication for the prostate was the only possible option.  My wife Regina asked me if I would be willing to try the rife frequency program for enlarged prostate and stop the medication.  The frequencies had already stopped the infection when antibiotics failed and the pain when pain meds failed so I said “absolutely”.  Regina was slightly nervous about that but I felt confident.  The first treatment caused a great deal of heat as the speaker rested on my groin area, and when I stood up , I felt something move and from that moment on I had a normal flow.  I continued the recommended 30 day treatment and then stopped.  I have not done any follow up sessions at his time (5 months later).  The CT with contrast shows clearly that the prostate remains normal size. When I went to my eye doctor to schedule cataract surgery, I was told that because I had taken the medication for as little as one week that I was now going to have more risk from that medication.  After looking up why I read many many scary things about this form of medication including FDA warnings and class action suits.  ~~David
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picture. CT SCAN February

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picture. CT SCAN June

My mother-in-law suffers from dementia. At one point we were all up for five days and nights as she hallucinated and yelled 24/7. In desperation, I put on a DVD that Regina gave us. The moment I put it on, the house became calm. My mother-in-law became lucid, and we all slept through the night. For us this was a miracle.  ~~Matisun

I play the ADHD all day in my Special Ed classroom. All the children except one had noticeable improvement. We love it and play it every day.  ~~Anonymous

I was unable to sleep due to pressure about final exams. As soon as I put the DVD on, I became calm and fell asleep and did great on my tests. You changed my life.  ~~Nick G

I played PMS during my most difficult Yoga class. It was as though everyone breezed through it. It was amazing.  ~~Susan G: Kundalini Yoga Instructor

I was using a portable speaker for hip pain and it went away in ten minutes.    ~~Kathleen G

I started playing the Dolphin Dream in the house.  Everything changed, even the way we all view life.  Thank you so much.  ~~Jennie M.

The Gong Bath Entity Removal was a miracle for me. I believe it saved my life. ~~Chelle

As soon as The Rosary started to play, I broke into tears. I could feel the healing power of the first prayer as it worked on my fear.  ~~Michelle O

My husband has not slept throughout the night in 8 years since his return from active duty. The first night we played it, he did not wake up screaming or sweating. You saved our life. PTSD has plagued our entire family for so long. ~~Anonymous

I listened to the positive phrases DVD 3 times last night. What a blessing.   ~~Steve Gregg

My husband’s Lung function went from 48% to 56% in 3 weeks. The Lung Doctor was amazed. Medical records are on the website.

I played Depression and Anxiety and Heart health when I was not watching TV. Within 3 days I called and said that I know something was happening. Thank you so much. Medical tests have proven this to be true. Go to the web site www.thesecretsofsoundtherapy.com to view the records.    ~~Randy P.

PTSD is just too good to be true.  ~~Anonymous Veteran with severe PTSD

Anxiety and Depression helped me cope with the loss of my daughter.  It is a Godsend.  ~~Maryanne

I play the DVD in my car before we go into the house for about 8 minutes and my children are so calm. ~~ Christine (Mother of 4 special needs children)

My 3 year old with Autism improved in several areas in only two sessions with the DVD. Thank you so much.  ~~Anonymous

I played Respiratory Relief for my children with the flu, only 2 times, and he was 90% better the next morning. Susan Goeche

I have had such stiffness in my back and nothing seemed to help.  After 2 sessions with the speaker on my back, the stiffness was totally gone. I use the speaker on my headache when nothing else works and the pain is gone is 30 seconds.   ~~Ann M.

I am paralyzed and suffer for muscle spasms in my back and bladder.  This is a miracle. ~~ Denise

I have known Regina for around 2 years now and can write testimonial after testimonial as to the healing that her music and DVD’s have provided for my daughter and myself.

I first met her at a health fair and was introduced to her music. I was telling her about my daughters stomach problems and she (without knowing me….we JUST met) sent me home with her last Ipod and speaker system.

My daughter was prescribed an antibiotic when she was a year and a half and what the doctor DIDN’T tell us is that antibiotics STRIP your stomach of all the good bacteria and since that time her bowel movements got worse and worse, with no luck taking the prescription medication that the doctor prescribed.

After one week of playing Ave Maria  (could have been less, it’s been 2 years) with my daughter falling asleep with the speaker set & vibroacoustic music on her stomach, she was healed completely! No more horrific bowel movements.

Just recently, Regina handed me the Respiratory Relief and was telling me the results people were having. At that time, I didn’t need to use it. About a week ago, today is March 22, 2013, she started sneezing, coughing and had dark spots below her eyes. A friend said, you might want to get her started on Claritin. I so do not like using meds! After getting home, I remembered Regina’s Respiratory DVD. So I set it up in my bedroom and put the subwolfer on the bed and placed the 2 speakers on her chest under the covers. I played it twice before I went to bed. The next morning, when we went to my friend’s house, she said Kayden looks great! I told her what I did and I KNOW that the Respiratory DVD healed her of any sinus/allergy issues she had going on! Here’s a pic of her laying in the bed with the speaker system.  Keep them coming Regina!!!

~~ Sally S.

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