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Our Purpose – To make Quality- Digital Sound Therapy available to everyone

Many sound experts use the properties of Vibroacoustics low frequencies in their recordings. Some add binaural beats and some use single frequencies protocols without music or low tones. What sets us apart is the use of Vibroacustics DVDs with specific frequency programs embedded in relaxing music. Our products use existing sound systems or state of the art delivery systems to assist us in achieving this goal.
Our products have been created in our sound studio enhanced with the sound frequencies from, which are available to the public. They are overlaid on our DVDs with amazing video of dolphins and whales, classic works of art and stunning photography of Sacred Geometry and nature. This combination makes our products enjoyable, effective and easy to use. They are like a whole house tranquiller that even your pets love.

Why are our products so exordinary?
Adding the frequencies for a desired outcome from the programs is one of our differences. Guided imagery, Energy psychology and positive affirmations are added in some cases as well as binaural beats. The end result is a DVD/ Download with a higher bit rate rendering the sound therapy even more effective than MP3 versions. The water and beautiful video of the Dolphins and Whales, not in captivity, and nature and sacred geometry add to the healing effect of these products.

How to Use Our Products: Should I Buy a DVD or a CD?
Lifestyle will help you decide how to use our products and what to buy.
If you are in severe pain or want immediate results, I advise attaching a speaker with metal to your portable DVD player, Laptop, Mp3 player or Smartphone. Using a headphone extender cord will give flexibility if you are using a laptop or a portable DVD player.

If you use an Mp3 player you can sleep with the speaker case and have the frequencies playing quietly under the blankets for extended treatment. Having the speaker touching the body on the specific area of the pain is preferred positioning because it will then act like a tuning fork focusing the vibrations on the point identified. Placing it on the head for a headache, stomach or muscle pain is highly effective.

The vibroacoustic sound pad available on this site is the most therapeutic for back pain, spasms of all kinds, circulation and relaxation. The best results are achieved with a consecutive 30 day treatment plan if it is a chronic systemic issue. Many issues are resolved in only one session. This is why we make it easy to get both the DVD and CD so you can adjust the treatment to your lifestyle.  Playing the CD or DVD softly from a small DVD player in the room can have amazing results. Vibrations from the speakers have a wide range just like radio waves. If your home entertainment center has a subwoofer the vibroacoustic low tones turn your entire room into a sound chamber.

Using the small DVD player attached to the sound pad or speaker with metal speakers positioned on the body will produce more immediate results. Placing the sound pad on the bed will vibrate the bed as you drift off to sleep.
Many mothers download ADHD into an iPad and wake their children up slowly playing it up to 30 minutes before the actually time they need to get up.  This has had dramatic results. It also works great for adults. Water is an amazing medium for sound therapy. You can buy water speakers at Lesley Pool supply and Bluetooth the delivery of the sound into a bathtub, pool or Jacuzzi. Even the least expensive speakers have had amazing results.
The only caution is not to play the compositions too loud with headphone or ear buds.

What Should I Order?
If you have been diagnosed by a physician for a specific aliment, and have their consent, it is good to begin with a CD or DVD that we have developed for that aliment. It is always great to pair it with the Dolphin Dream 727 for a greater effect.  We recommend the free Energy Psychology video available on this site as a beginning point. Research has concluded that at least 75% of all physical issues have their beginning in the emotions or are caused by stress. Stress has reached pandemic proportions in the last several decades. Most of our programs are wellness driven.

We have categories for all aspects of Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Wellness. See the detailed description of each program by clicking here.
We are open to suggestions for packages and will be up dating our inventory monthly. Check out our free products by clicking here.

Important disclaimer information about all of our products?
Because sound cannot hold a patent, there are very limited double blind studies funded. These products are not medical products. We make no medical or healing claims although they have had encouraging results for many individuals. The results may vary based on medications taken, delivery systems used, or predisposition to certain frequencies. Any negative side effects have been limited to dizziness, nausea, or confusion for very short periods of time. It is advisable to stop using the DVD or CD if that occurs. Negative effects are rare. Always check with your doctor before using our products.

If you are interested in programs created for infants by Suzanne Jones, Ed.D., go to All proceeds from the programs Suzanne and Regina co-produced will go to fund BHS.

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